Sunday, May 8, 2011


How friendships break?

 Both friends think, the other is busy. mmg slu pk cmtu...mmg sengal..

And dint contact thinking,it may be disturbing.

agaknyelah kot.....mmg sy sedar sape sy...

as time passes,both think let the other contact.

yelah...mereka ramai kawan lbih baik...

after that each thinks,why i should contact first?

betulbetulbetul....!sbb sy sedar sape sy...I love Malaysia!

here your friendship is converted to ego.

great!!sy perlu egosentrik...bengong..

finally without contact,the memory becomes weak.


They forget each other.

so,don't let our friendship breaks!!

and be grateful for our precious friendship, forever and ever.

~Sy Celaru dh~

berdiam diri adalah lebih baik

L.o.V.E mySELF